i am: or “i aid madagascar”, literally translated means
“I help Madagascar”

Become an IAM too by joining… it takes very little.

Joining “i aid madagascar – Italian non profit Organization” is simple, if you share the same goals that the association pursues and the commitment to observe the Statute and regulations. I Aid Madagascar onlus, pursuant to Art. 4 of the statute, is open to all, without any political, gender, ideological, social background, nationality or religion discrimination.

Individuals, Associations and Bodies can be part of the Association, in compliance with paragraph 10 of art. 10 of Legislative Decree 460/97, which share the aims and support the humanitarian activities of the Association itself.

The members of the Association are divided into:

ORDINARY MEMBERS: are those who adhere to the Association during its existence and who are entitled to one vote in the Assembly;

SUPPORTING MEMBERS: are those (individuals, organizations or companies, public and private) who, with particular donations, contributions or donations, give impetus to activities aimed at pursuing social goals;

HONORARY MEMBERS: those who are awarded this qualification, by the will of the Board of Directors, in the face of constant commitment within the Association or for the contribution in terms of image that they can bring to the Association.

The status of Ordinary Member and Supporter is obtained upon submission of a written application to the Board of Directors of the Association declaring to share the aims that the Association proposes and the commitment to approve and observe its Statute and regulations; as well as paying the annual membership fee. The Board of Directors judges the admission of the candidate within the board meeting following the application. In the absence of a provision for acceptance of the application within the aforementioned term, it is understood that it has been rejected. Against the refusal of admission, an appeal is allowed, within 30 days, to the general meeting of members.

The Governing Council will also return to the non-admitted applicant the fee paid at the time of submitting the application. The title of Honorary Member is acquired following a specific resolution of the Board of Directors, which will communicate it to the interested party. Members have the duty to observe the statute, internal regulations, the resolutions of the General Assembly and the directives issued by the Board of Directors. Members of age have the right to vote and can be elected in corporate offices. Each shareholder, at the meeting, can be delegated by another shareholder and can be the bearer of a maximum of three proxies.

The members cease to belong to the Association by voluntary resignation, by death, by exclusion.

How to become a member:

Download, print, fill in and sign the application for admission to i aid madagascarItalian non profit Organization that you find in this link

Make the payment by bank transfer to: 
i aid madagascar Onlus

IBAN: IT29H0329601601000067190614  – BIC: FIBKITMM
Indicating as causal: Membership fee 2021

Send the application for membership and a copy of the payment via:

e-mail: info@iaidmadagascar.org

mail: i aid madagascar Onlus – Via Vangile, 93 – 51010 Massa e Cozzile (Pistoia)

WhatsApp: +39 335 7191286 (the photo taken from your mobile is fine too)

Messenger: i aid madagascar Onlus (the photo taken from your mobile is fine too)

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